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The sea of Amakusa consists of the Shiranui Sea to the east, the Ariake Sea to the west, and Amakusa Nada, and surrounded by these seas, Amakusa is a trove of sea produce. In particular, the Ariake Sea is a very rare and invaluable ocean area in Japan, as large Class A rivers like the Chikugo River, Shira River, and Midori River flow into the same sea.
The vast forests of Mt. Aso and Mt. Kuzumi cover large areas upstream. And the minerals generated there all flow into the Ariake Sea.
Another characteristic of the Ariake Sea is that it has a large tidal range. The tidal range during spring tide reaches 4 m, and the sea has a fast tidal current.

Cuisine Cuisine Cuisine
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The sea is a famous domestic production area for fish with white flesh (red sea bream, halibut, plaice), bluefish (horse mackerel, mackerel, sardine), large fish (greater amberjack), shellfish (abalone, turban shell, short neck clam, clam), and crustaceans (swimming crab, tiger prawn) among others. In recent years, Amakusa has also become known for its production of meat and offers Amakusa Daio, a local species of chicken resurrected from extinction, and pathogen-free Amakusa Bainiku Pork raised on plum meat extract. Select from among the various gourmet accommodation plans. Please don't hesitate to advise us of any food you don't like. We will gladly accept any requests or changes.